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We help companies communicate brand value and brand identity through product embellishments and premium packaging solutions. Our exclusive wax melt packaging and product embellishments offer unique customer experiences that bring products to life and make a lasting impression.

Quality, care and heritage are at the centre of everything we do; our custom wax seal embellishments are handcrafted by local artisans to the highest standards using the finest materials and time honoured traditions.

  • Luxury Faux Wax Seal Designed for Gatsby & Grey Fragrance Packaging | Luxury Packaging Ideas | Heirloom Sealed
  • Luxury Wax Seal and Wax Stamp Custom-Designed for Ashford Castle Bespoke Food Packaging | Luxury Packaging Ideas | Heirloom Sealed
  • Bespoke Wax Seal Logo Custom-Made for Erno Laszlo Cosmetics Packaging | Luxury Packaging Ideas | Heirloom Sealed

Luxury Cosmetic Packaging

From cosmetic bottles to presentation boxes, our wax seal adornments help brands demonstrate value and create a sensational experience for consumers. Robust self-adhesive backings conveniently secure embellishments to both flat and curved packaging.

Luxury Crest Logo Stamped into Gold Wax Dipped Bottle | Bottling Wax Stamp | Heirloom Sealed
Gold Wax-Dipped Bottles With Angled Edges, Neat Lines and Drip Finish | Luxury Packaging Ideas | Heirloom Sealed
Using a Gold Tear Strip Ribbon to Remove Bottle Sealing Wax | Luxury Packaging Ideas | Heirloom Sealed

Premium Alcoholic Beverage Packaging

Trusted by some of the leading brands in the industry, our premium drinks packaging is associated with the traditional craftsmanship of luxury brands. Recycled tear strip ribbons and naturally-pigmented wax help bottles to stand out while sealing in the freshness.


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