Branding Heritage

Stamping wax with an impression of a coat of arms or monogram is an age-old tradition used to verify identity in place of signatures. Today it is largely ceremonial and used to add a decorative flair to premium packaging.

Stamping a Gold Wax Dipped Bottle with Custom Wax Seal | Bottling Wax Stamp | Heirloom Sealed


Customised wax seal stamps add the finishing touch to alcohol bottle packaging for luxury brands. Leave your mark with a luxe, hand-pressed impression of your logo at the point of entry, where it matters most.

Luxury Crest Logo Stamped into Gold Wax Dipped Bottle | Bottling Wax Stamp | Heirloom Sealed


Available in various sizes and styles of contemporary engraving, including split-level and 3D, we can pick up the smallest details and turn almost any artwork into wax. After wax dipping bottles and while still warm and soft, our deeply engraved brass stamps are firmly pressed into the wax to create the best impressions for brand packaging.

Custom Engraved Wax Stamp for Luxury Brand | Bottling Wax Stamp | Heirloom Sealed


Made from the highest quality ingredients and brass sourced in Europe, our solid brass stamps are made to last a lifetime. Designed in-house by experienced craftspeople, our bottling wax stamps are best-in-class for luxury alcohol packaging.

Add the Finishing Touch to Your Bottling Wax Packaging

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