Luxury Drinks Enclosures

Used predominantly in the design of alcohol packaging, tear strip ribbons are combined with bottling wax to facilitate and enhance the opening experience for the consumer.

Removing Gold Bottle Sealing Wax With Matching Tear Strip Ribbon | Tear Strip Ribbon | Heirloom Sealed


Effortless and elegant, tear strip ribbons add a sophisticated touch to wax-topped bottles and create an engaging user experience. The adhesive pull tabs are conveniently applied prior to wax dipping, allowing for the easy removal of the airtight seal in one smooth and satisfying motion.

Sustainable Ribbon Made From 100% Used Plastic Bottles | Tear Strip Ribbon | Heirloom Sealed


Dedicated to caring for the environment, we use ethically-sourced ribbon woven from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Certified by the global industry standard for textiles, brands can rest assured that prioritising sustainability does not mean compromising on quality. Our tear strip ribbons are consistent, non-stretch, easy solutions for removing bottle sealing wax.

Gold Wax-Dipped Bottles With Angled Edges, Neat Lines and Drip Finish | Luxury Packaging Ideas | Heirloom Sealed


Available in two sizes (5mm wide x 120mm or 150mm lengths), 40+ essential colours, wax seal embellishments and bottling wax to match, the options are endless. Have a specific colour in mind? Please get in touch; we would love to discuss bringing your alcohol packaging project to life!

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