A Time Honoured Tradition

Wax has been used for thousands of years to seal letters, envelopes and official documents; dually signifying correspondents’ insignia and any signs of tampering. Transformations in communication and advances in materials have enabled sealing wax to be used in more versatile ways today while remaining true to its heritage.

Bespoke Wax Stamps with Luxury Brand Logo | Wax Seals | Heirloom Sealed
Wax Melting Spoon Pouring Hand-Blended Gold Sealing Wax | Wax Seals | Heirloom Sealed

Endless Embellishment Possibilities

Available in 40 colours and a variety of styles, wax seals add a touch of elegance to any product and can also be customised according to brand guidelines. Flexible self-adhesive backings secure our wax seals to all types of product packaging including both flat and curved surfaces. 

Gold Wax-Dipped Bottles With Angled Edges, Neat Lines and Drip Finish | Luxury Packaging Ideas | Heirloom Sealed


Custom wax seal stamps bring bottles to life for alcoholic beverage brands. Robust self-adhesive ensures the flexible wax seals can be secured to the smoothest curved glass surface. Combine with cord, matching tear strip ribbons or bottling wax for a premium look.

Gold Wax Seal on Smooth Curved Glass Packaging for The Nest at Ruth Farms | Wax Seals | Heirloom Sealed


Add a touch of luxury to product packaging and presentation. Wax seals can be applied to almost any surface and enhance the visual appeal and perceived value of packaging.

Candle by The Nest at Ruth Farms

Bespoke Wax Seal Custom-Made for Erno Laszlo Cosmetics Packaging | Wax Seals | Heirloom Sealed


Convey the craftsmanship associated with heritage brands through hand-stamped embellishments and time honoured techniques. Adorn bottles, boxes, plastic, paper and more with bespoke wax seals reflective of your brand value.

Beautiful Packaging by Erno Laszlo

Customise Your Wax Seal Embellishments

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